About Us

G'day and Welcome to the SolarShower.com.au Website.

My name is Clegy and let me tell you a little about the people behind the scenes of the website and the awesome product that is the roadshower 4.

Our Company Aussie Detectorist is a family owned business that dates back to 2004. The Name is New (2018) but the company remains the same with Customer service and Client satisfaction being our highest priority.

This was important in the early days when the company managed other peoples money in the retirement savings sector and the company Director then was well loved by her clients as she always put their interests first. 

In 2015 the Company Directors retired and the next generation stepped up to take the company on a new and exciting path.

Justin (Clegy) Stepped into the director roll and being a qualified baker and pastry cook he had no business offering financial advice so the import of Metal detecting and outdoor products began.

Since 2015 we have imported only the highest quality products from Overseas, Products that are at the top of the quality tree and provide both functionality and value.

Our Metal Detector range has taken off in the last year or so as people know that when you buy from us your getting the best quality and service the industry can offer.

There are too many Budget and cheap products available that quite simply never live up to the expectations of the buyer, our products are not the cheapest but quite often they are the best in their sector.

The Roadshower was added to our line up as after long days prospecting for Gold in the outback a nice wash down meant you could crawl into bed clean and get the best nights sleep possible, so that we could do it all again tomorrow.

After trialing the product and having some excellent results it was with great amazement we found the product wasn't even available on a regular basis in Australia.

So we contacted Joel the Inventor of the product and with his help we are now able to offer the roadshower to Australian Customers on a full time basis.

Our Warehouse in Clontarf 4019 is ready to dispatch your Road Shower with all the necessary items you'll need to make use of this excellent product.

You can also be assured that should you have any problems with your roadshower you have someone to call and help you through.

Thanks for Taking a look at the Road Shower 4 and rest assured your dealing with an experienced company with over 2,000 Australian customers and growing daily.

Happy Showering

Justin, Liam and the Team At Aussie Detectorist Pty Ltd.

 Here is a brief History of the roadshower on the main USA Site: