Road Shower 4 features:

  • Powder coated aluminium that absorbs sunlight and heats the water inside.
  • Holds 15,28 or 38 Litres…enough for 2-6 showers.
  • Sleek design and high end components look great on your vehicle.
  • On/off valve at elbow so you can easily remove the hose or attach a longer hose while pressurised.
  • Shrader style air valve so you can pressurise on the go.
  • There is a locking loop to lock your unit with a cable style bike lock to your rack.
  • LCD thermometer shows the temperature in F and C.
  • Beefy universal mounting brackets that mount to most roof racks.
  • Built in  air space. Fill with water all the way to the top. And there is still room for pressurised air.
  • Can take up to 65 PSI.   
  • The optional low flow flex neck shower head also helps regulate and reduce excess flow and makes for  a great shower.
    If you get that, I recommend getting the optional extra on/off elbow.  You can install it on the other end of your Road Shower and use the quick connect on the shower head to attach when needed and remove when leaving the beach. Also, having 2 outlets allows you to use the downhill end to drain the tank completely without moving your vehicle.

Road Shower 4 Technical Specifications:

  • Powder Coated Aluminium 3 mm thick walls.
  • Pressure relief valves opens at 55-75 PSI.
  • Hose length is 140 cm. (200 cm on the RS04L).
  • Mounting carriage bolts stainless 5/16″ and use a 5/16″ nut. Nylock nuts included. 13 mm wrench needed.  Lube recommended on bolts and nuts.
  • Elbow is 1/2″ x male GHT bib cock
  • Female hose end is GHT thread. Male hose end is GHT.
  • Hose is 5/8″ ID food grade hose such as used in the brewing industry, with brass GHT ends.
  • Intake air valve is 1/4″  NPT thread to tank with Shrader valve.
  • Option to add an outlet or shower head on non-hose end.
  • Locking loop to secure the Road Shower 4 to your  rack.
  • Side slot so it can be mounted from the side of a roof top basket.
  • Slot Channel is Full length on all models, mounting bolts can be moved over the entire length.
  • 2 x slot Channels so the roadshower can be side or bottom Mounted.

Road Shower 4 Physical Specification:

Road Shower Large (RS04L)

 Capacity - 38 L
L x W x H Out of Box 208 cm x 18.8 cm x 14.6 cm
L x W x H In box 220 cm x 27 cm x 24 cm 
Weight Empty 16.3 kg
Weight Full 52.6 kg
Weight In Box 19 kg


Road Shower Standard (RS04)

 Capacity - 26 L
L x W x H Out of Box 139.7 cm x 18.9 cm x 14.6 cm
L x W x H In box 158 cm x 24 cm x 26 cm
Weight Empty 11.8 kg
Weight Full 34.9 kg
Weight In Box 13.5 kg


Road Shower Small (RS04S)

 Capacity - 15 L
L x W x H Out of Box 139.7 cm x 15.6 cm x 12.1 cm
L x W x H In box 158 cm x 25 cm x 21 cm
Weight Empty 8.95 kg
Weight Full 22.3 kg
Weight In Box 11 kg